Get a New Mindset!

What if you could explore your ‘triggers’ and predict the unpredictable with teachable reactions that impact positive change instinctively to always be at our FULL POTENTIAL on demand?

This would mean that instead of your triggers blocking you from your goals, they propel you toward them. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? But it may also sound unrealistic. But the TRUTH is that It’s not. The difference is your approach!

To be able to use every single moment to trigger your most desired behavior, you must first be able to Identify your triggers, predict them, plan for them  and live life on your own terms.  Now YOU can choose the states of mind you use rather than your  triggers and past choosing them for you.

Live a Wholesome Life in 3 Simple Steps.

Download the TRUTH Trigger Tracker

Track Your Triggers

Transform Your Reaction

A Trigger is Any Stimulus That Impacts Behavior.

Business professionals and leaders all desire to function in their natural flow state – every time you’re triggered you disrupt your flow, negatively impacting our performance and life quality.

When we “ALLOW” ourselves to be triggered (YES, we allow), the consequences can range from  inconvenience to harmful. The root causes of these Triggers can often be traced back to childhood trauma, intense traumatic experiences, subtle life incidents, and several other factors. Key point- most are unconscious, yet controlling your every move.

Signs that Your Unconscious Triggers are Driving Your Behavior

  • You find it impossible to excel professionally AND CONSISTENTLY shine for those you love
  • You know what you should do but can’t make yourself do it
  • You know you have limiting beliefs that aren’t true, yet you’re still being held hostage by them
  • You act and treat people in ways that you later regret
  • You experience one or more of the following internal conflicts: procrastination, imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, failure to launch, and overwhelm
  • You know deeply that you’re falling short of your vision of yourself,  your business or personal life
  • You take things incredibly personally 
  • You are easily affected by “good” and “bad” cycles

You want to know the TRUTH about why you struggle and how you can overcome this?

Triggers Can Make or Break Your Success

Many people only scratch the surface of the potential of what they are capable of, causing much internal suffering with endless negative thought cycles. The feeling of losing control over successful outcomes manifests in familiar ways.

Can you identify with any of these ‘mind cycles’?

  • Overreacting
  • Hurting the people you love
  • Taking things personally
  • Holding grudges
  • Shutting down
  • Bottling everything up than blowing up
  • Letting people suck you dry
  • Showing up for your clients, but not for your family
  • Not able to take your own advice
  • Knowing exactly what you should do, but don’t do it
  • Start something a million times and never complete anything
  • Loneliness

The T.R.U.T.H Will Free Your Flow!

When we learn to get into and remain in our ‘flow’ state we naturally perform better in all areas of life.

By minimizing our reaction to triggers we can easily and naturally enhance our creativity, efficiency, productivity, performance and ultimately business profits.

Meet Celina Belizan

Celina is a High performance coach for successful visionary business leaders, helping them breakthrough to the next level of income, impact & fulfillment by rewiring their brains, disarming their egos, and helping them get the F… out of their own way.

Celina is an expert in life and business strategy AND the unconscious drivers that often make it impossible to implement most of what you’ve learned on your personal development journey. She’s also a master trained Tony Robbins Coach, MBA, and a consciousness educator, integrating psychological, scientific and spiritual principles to get people what they need to take action and implement moment to moment, finally making things happen for themselves.

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Celina Belizan

Master Coach and Trainer

The Journey of Transformation Begins With Facing The Truth

To start the journey of trigger transformation, download the TRUTH Trigger Tracker, learn to track your triggers, and follow the steps in the guide to control your environment and drastically improve your life without changing a single thing.

A New Life Awaits

You deserve a life in which you are the master of your emotions, a life free of the triggers that impact the quality of your life, free from all negative energies, addictions and emotional roller coasters…

You’re about to take the first step towards mental and emotional mastery. Shortly enough, you will be able to recognize and transform your reaction to triggers in such a way that you remain calm, collected and in control.